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Teach the theoretical concepts of radiation therapy with an innovative, award winning, interactive training solution.

Proton VERT

Enables staff to make the transition from Photons to Protons more easily, more safely and more effectively.

VERT Physics

A virtual reality tool designed to faithfully represent real world equipment and processes.


Communicate the different techniques, benefits and concepts of radiation therapy to patients and relatives.

Why Vertual?

Bring your teaching to life with the only provider of virtual reality training solutions for radiotherapy.

VERT Research Group

Stemming from discussions at the UK user meeting in Liverpool, a UK VERT research group was proposed. The first meeting for this was held on 1st March at Vertuals’ office in Hull. Vertual are keen to work with all our VERT users and have developed 3 initial research streams:  Anatomy (particularly CT cross-sectional) for patients … Continued

VERT international User Meeting 2019

On 4th and 5th March 2019, our annual VERT International user meeting was held at InHolland University. This event had 20 participants from around the world as well as online attendees.  The meeting included a presentation of the new software upgrade features of VERT 3.3, including MRI imaging, which excited the attendees.  The meeting enabled … Continued

December 2018 – ESTRO Meets Asia Conference

Vertual attend the first ever ESTRO Meets Asia conference in Singapore  In November ESTRO hosted a new event – ESTRO Meets Asia.  “The ESTRO meets Asia conference has the objective to bring radiation oncology collaboration between Europe and Asia to a new level.” (ESTRO website) After recent first in country sales in China, Singapore and … Continued

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