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Teach the theoretical concepts of radiation therapy with an innovative, award winning, interactive training solution.

Proton VERT

Enables staff to make the transition from Photons to Protons more easily, more safely and more effectively.

VERT Physics

A virtual reality tool designed to faithfully represent real world equipment and processes.


Communicate the different techniques, benefits and concepts of radiation therapy to patients and relatives.

Why Vertual?

Bring your teaching to life with the only provider of virtual reality training solutions for radiotherapy.

NCISRT – National Conference of Indian Society of Radiographers and Technologists

Around 100 committee members/delegates from across India attended the NCISRT council meeting with the special guest being the heard of the Atomic Energy Board of India, who govern all aspects of radiation safety. During the day the main problems and challenges of radiation therapy in India were highlighted: – How to keep up with technology … Continued

Global Health Conference Saudi Arabia

Sept 2019 Vertual were invited to attend the Global Health Conference in Riyadh with our distributor, TechFlow. During the conference we provided demonstrations of VERT, Proton VERT and VERT Physics to the attendees. TechFlow have a new product specialist who joined their team earlier in the year and Vertual provided training on the VERT software … Continued

Proton VERT at The University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool have been VERT customer since 2008 and are aiming to introduce students to Proton beam therapy through the use of the Proton VERT software. The founders of Vertual, James Ward and Professor Andy Beavis commented, “The new Proton VERT module within VERT 3.3 is pushing the boundaries of radiotherapy VR technology … Continued

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