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Teach the theoretical concepts of radiation therapy with an innovative, award winning, interactive training solution.

Proton VERT

Enables staff to make the transition from Photons to Protons more easily, more safely and more effectively.

VERT Physics

A virtual reality tool designed to faithfully represent real world equipment and processes.


Communicate the different techniques, benefits and concepts of radiation therapy to patients and relatives.

Why Vertual?

Bring your teaching to life with the only provider of virtual reality training solutions for radiotherapy.

Student Webinar

NEWS Supporting our Students As the world was starting to slowly shut down due to Covid-19, many of Vertual’s customers reached out to ask if there was any way we could expand access of the VERT system to their radiation therapy students at home to allow them to continue their education. Although Vertual are mid … Continued

Cardiff University chooses a Proton VERT and Hardware upgrade to extend the life of their VERT system.

The Cardiff University radiotherapy team have become the latest teaching staff to benefit from the upgrade of Proton VERT for their VERT system. The team at Cardiff have a Proton centre nearby and were keen to explain Proton therapy to their students and provide hands-on training with the system, in a safe and non-pressured environment.  … Continued

Birmingham City University – The First UK Hardware Upgrade Completed by Vertual

Birmingham City University, one of the early adopters of the VERT system in 2008, had a hardware refresh installed recently. The system uses the latest projection system available for VERT and will ensure students can benefit from the VERT software in the future.

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