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Teach the theoretical concepts of radiation therapy with an innovative, award winning, interactive training solution.

Proton VERT

Enables staff to make the transition from Photons to Protons more easily, more safely and more effectively.

VERT Physics

A virtual reality tool designed to faithfully represent real world equipment and processes.

Why Vertual?

Bring your teaching to life with the only provider of virtual reality training solutions for radiotherapy.

Vertual Newsletter March 2021

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Orfit Collaboration

Vertual signs a vendor collaboration agreement with Orfit Industries to increase and improve the immobilisation equipment within VERT. Vertual has received requests for additional immobilisation equipment in VERT, reflecting current clinical practice. Vertual identified a need for a vendor partnership with an immobilisation manufacturer to realise this goal. We are pleased to announce a collaboration … Continued

Bellin College, Customer Experience.

Life during the pandemic has had its challenges, but if a moment is taken to look back and recognize ingenuity and hard work, it can be inspiring.  People and organizations have been pushed to use resources differently to meet expectations and continue to operate despite the challenges.  The hard work of doing things differently is … Continued

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