Vertual Ltd. is the leading provider of virtual reality training systems in radiation therapy. Our state of the art training system VERT is used to train radiographers and physicists in universities and teaching hospitals in more than 30 countries across the world, with new customers choosing to use the VERT training system every year.

We’re proud of our heritage, the company which is based in Hull, UK was formed in 2007 by three founder members as a spin-off company from a joint research project involving the University of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust. The VERT system was commercialised the following year and research and development on this product, along with new virtual reality training products, continues to be our focus.

But we’re not stopping there, our aim is to create a range of virtual reality training solutions for both the healthcare sector and other sectors that require hands-on technical training in a safe simulated environment.

Meet the team

We employ a dynamic, dedicated and motivated team of people who share our passion for providing virtual reality solutions for training, education and development.

Executive Team

Debra LeevesChief Executive
James Ward Chief Technical Officer
Andy BeavisChief Scientific Officer

Commercial Team

The commercial team provide full customer support including training, account management, marketing and technical support. They will guide you through the VERT installation process and ensure you are fully trained to use the VERT products to get the most benefit from them.

Research & Development Team

Our team of software engineers develop virtual reality products for a wide range of training needs. They are involved in all aspects of the software development process from design and specification, through to programming, testing, documentation, and support.

We are always looking for talented software engineers to join us so do get in touch.

Finance & Admin Team

The finance and admin team ensure the smooth running of Vertual, managing all our processes and systems to ensure everything is coordinated from handling purchase orders from customers across the world through to planning conferences and user training events.

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