Life during the pandemic has had its challenges, but if a moment is taken to look back and recognize ingenuity and hard work, it can be inspiring.  People and organizations have been pushed to use resources differently to meet expectations and continue to operate despite the challenges.  The hard work of doing things differently is often overlooked and under appreciated, but I can tell you that as a customer of VERT, the hard work to deliver a seamless installation and training experience was not overlooked.

Starting with the installation, though the installers were contracted through another company besides VERT, they represented VERT well.  The installers took pride in their work, making both functionally and aesthetics of the room a priority.  It took some flexibility on both ends, but the result was worth it.  We have a beautifully setup system that maximizes space and resources.  Additionally, we maintained the ability for any instructor from any program to be able to walk in our room and use the classroom resources to meet their needs and expectations.

After the installation, the virtually based training sessions began. Despite not being done face to face, the training was not lacking.  Lindsay & Chris were able to communicate effectively and connect with us as the end users in a way that made us feel confident in navigating the endless opportunities VERT brings to the radiation therapy program at Bellin College.  Additionally, since the training sessions were done virtually, it gave us a perspective regarding how to effectively use VERT in combination with platforms that would allow us to teach virtually if needed. After the training sessions, we were left eager and excited to strengthen our lectures.  Knowing that we had a partner to support us removed any fear associated with learning and using new technology, enabling us to confidently educate future radiation therapists to the high standard that patients deserve, and what Bellin College expects.

By; Amy Riemer, BSRT Program Director.

Images are courtesy of Bellin College, USA.

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