September 2018

Do clinical placements have a virtual future?

Image courtesy of the University of Liverpool.

A project is taking place at the University of Liverpool using VERT as a tool to replace part of the clinical placement time for first year students. The initiative which is designed to reduce the burden on clinical placement sites will substitute some clinical time in the students’ first year with structured VERT activities.

In an article published by the society of radiographers Pete Bridge, admissions tutor for radiotherapy and the initiative’s lead said, “We are hoping that by extending the virtual simulation facilities and resource that we have, we can not only provide a more attractive offering to potential students but that we can also reduce attrition by improving the student experience.”

Read the full article here:

Vertual announce the 2018 VERT UK User Conference (incorporating research workshops).

The next UK VERT User Conference will take place on Friday 16th November 2018 at the University of Liverpool.

The meeting themes will include:

  • Patients
  • Teaching
  • Outreach and recruitment
  • Staff continuing education

This event offers the opportunity for VERT users to meet and share experience with the product and take ideas away to implement. During the workshops there will be an opportunity to discuss ideas for projects and research as well as possible sources of grant funding. The meeting will provide a platform to start developing research questions.

The booking and information page can be accessed here:

August 2018

Proton VERT is installed at the Danish Particle Therapy Centre.

The very first Proton VERT installation is now complete at the Danish Particle Therapy Centre.

The Proton VERT system includes an interactive 3D model of the Varian ProBeam® proton therapy system and uses real hand pendant controls. Proton VERT provides all the enhanced visualisation options of the Linac version and simulates treatment delivery for pencil beam scanning. The system is installed at the new learning centre adjacent to the Danish Particle Therapy Centre. The Aarhus University hospital are long time collaboration partners for Vertual and were the first team in the world to have a VERT system installed. The collaborative working between the team at Aarhus University hospital and Vertual was a partnership driving forward the progress made 10 years ago for VERT to include Linacs and now as we move forward to embrace Proton technology.

“Vertual is delighted to be working with Aarhus University Hospital to develop the world’s first Proton VERT training facility. The team at Aarhus have many years’ experience with VERT and will provide invaluable feedback as we develop our next generation Proton training system. We look forward to discovering how Proton VERT can be used as part of the implementation process for Proton therapy and beyond that into use within a busy Proton facility.” said James Ward, Managing Director and co-founder of Vertual Ltd.

You can find more information on Proton VERT here.

July 2018

Singapore Institute of Technology and Vertual to jointly host the first VERT Asia Pacific User Meeting.


Image courtesy of the Singapore Institute of Technology

In collaboration with Singapore Institute of Technology, Vertual will host the first Asia Pacific User Meeting this December which coincides with the ESTRO Meets Asia conference; which will also be attended by members of the Vertual events team. The event promises to be an excellent oportunity to meet other VERT users, prospective users and to meet members of the Vertual team.

This exciting event will enable our growing customer base, within this region and beyond, to attend a meeting centred on sharing experiences and current practice.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 5th December at 10.00am, onsite at the Singapore Institute of Technology,

Attendance is free and there are still spaces available, if you are interested in joining this event, please click the link below:

May 2018

Barretos Cancer hospital becomes the first hospital in Brazil to install VERT.

VERT is part of a large project at Barretos hospital to install Varian Linacs and to provide a teaching resource where staff will run courses for advancing practice and also be used for staff and student training.

Barretos is the largest public oncology hospital in Brazil and offers a wide range of cancer care services, including 7 radiotherapy machines to treat patients. VERT will play an integral role in the education of development of the staff within this institute and for the wider radiotherapy community in Brazil.

April 2018

Vertual is working in collaboration with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.