Vertual signs a vendor collaboration agreement with Orfit Industries to increase and improve the immobilisation equipment within VERT.

Vertual has received requests for additional immobilisation equipment in VERT, reflecting current clinical practice. Vertual identified a need for a vendor partnership with an immobilisation manufacturer to realise this goal. We are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement has been signed with Orfit Industries NV to model some of the Orfit immobilisation equipment in VERT.

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Vertual now has the information required to create the modern immobilisation equipment models for VERT, improving our products’ realism for our customers.

The initial step involved a survey of a few VERT customers to help Vertual prioritise the additional equipment required. Thank you to our customers, who responded. A pilot project to model the Orfit MammoRx breast board is complete and will be available in VERT 5 for all customers who have a valid software support contract. Orfit Industries NV will benefit from Brand awareness, publicity within the VERT software for radiation therapy schools and clinics with VERT and increased awareness amongst the radiation therapy community of the range of immobilisation products available from Orfit. For more information about Orfit immobilisation devices, please visit

Further models will be modelled in future VERT releases and will include:

  • Lung board (Part of the AIO Solution 3.0)
  • Foot support for pelvic immobilisation
  • Sagittilt prone breast solution
  • Stereotactic head frame
  • HP PRO Proton headrest
  • SBRT set up 

The equipment will support the patient being positioned onto the couch. Further work to investigate interactivity for the immobilisation equipment is a possible extension to the current project scope.

If you would like to provide feedback on the immobilisation project or submit a product development request or suggestion, please contact

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