Our Spanish Distributors Aplicaciones Technologicas have published an article on the use of VERT for patient education in Spanish, which summarises all the literature.

It can be accesed on their webiste: Simulador VERT para pacientes de radioterapia – ATFísica (atfisica.com)

Or a copy can be downloaded below:

Radiotherapy is a highly technical treatment that employs specialized and complex equipment, which is difficult for patients to understand. On the other hand, it is known that adequate training of patients has a positive impact on their quality of life and psychological well-being, as well as on their compliance with the instructions given by healthcare personnel. Despite this, there is currently no standardized education tool available for the training of radiotherapy patients…

VERT provides a combination of graphical elements, sensory technology and physical control hand pendant that allows users to actively interact with the computer-generated artificial environment. This allows for more engaging and tailored patient education than other more traditional methods….

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