VERTTM Physics

Plotting Tank

An effective and versatile package of simulated physics equipment and educational content, VERT Physics module extends the capabilities of VERT to provide a comprehensive package for teaching Physics and Quality Assurance principles, procedures and typical equipment.

Detailed and faithful representation of real world equipment and processes.

Interactively set up realistic measurement equipment in the treatment room.

Demonstrate typical physicist workflow to all members of staff.

Physicist training.

RTT / Radiographer training.

QA Plate


A realistic simulation of the following equipment

Plotting tankQA plate

Chamber calibration

Ion chamber

Laser calibration tool



Ion Chamber


Does not require access to clinical equipment

Provides a safe and convenient environment for training

Teach basic principles.

Demonstrate real world procedures and equipment

Learn complex processes in a safe environment.

Enables the introduction of simulated errors

Find out more about VERT physics by downloading the flyer.


VERT Physics is compatible with the the Apple iPad for manipulation of the display and viewing touchscreen functionality. See the iPad flyer for further information.

To arrange a demonstration of VERT Physics email: