The University of Liverpool have been VERT customer since 2008 and are aiming to introduce students to Proton beam therapy through the use of the Proton VERT software. The founders of Vertual, James Ward and Professor Andy Beavis commented, “The new Proton VERT module within VERT 3.3 is pushing the boundaries of radiotherapy VR technology by merging whole patient models with real patient DICOM data. The software delivers a powerful and realistic learning environment that keeps pace with cutting edge developments in radiotherapy.”  

Vertual are supporting a research initiative at the University of Liverpool, which aims to establish the potential role of simulation weeks as partial replacement for clinical placement time across a range of allied health professions within the School of Health Sciences. The project is funded by the Office for students and Vertual are supporting the research with a software contract for Proton VERT. The project lead, Dr Pete Bridge, commented ““We are delighted to get our hands on this unique simulation software.”

As part of the research project, The University of Liverpool are working in Collaboration with an ERASMUS researcher and graduate from the Lette-Verein training centre in Berlin, who are also a VERT customer, to develop new teaching resources for Proton beam therapy using the VERT software. This international research collaboration includes two projects to investigate the different educational uses of VERT, and we very much look forward to reading and learning from the results once this research project is completed.

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