Vertual Ltd is proud to have met the standard required for ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Vertual Ltd is a high technology software company, providing state of the art Virtual Reality training solutions for Radiation Therapy. Our products are used worldwide by educators, students, healthcare professionals and their patients in over 25 countries. 

Our company vision is to enhance patient care and patient safety by using innovative educational methods. Vertual will continue to grow and develop its successful business by creating, marketing and supporting advanced training products for healthcare professionals throughout the world. 

Vertual is committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers, which meet customer requirements and are consistent with high standards of safety and effectiveness. Our Quality System will be applied to all our activities which have an impact on the quality of our software products, hardware products and the associated support services offered to our customers. This includes design, development, manufacturing, delivery and installation of our products, as well as our after sales support and training services.  

Vertual Ltd is committed to satisfy applicable quality requirements including those associated with all interested parties, as well as relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. 

The Senior Management Team is fully committed to continual improvement of the Quality Management System and will, on an annual basis: 

  1. Review this Policy to ensure it remains effective and relevant to the business.
  2. Ensure adequate resources are available to implement the Quality Management System.
  3. Set clear Quality Objectives and targets, aligned to the context and strategic direction of the business.
  4. Communicate this policy to all employees and our sub-contractors. 
  5. Monitor and measure company performance and communicate the results.

A copy of our certificate can be viewed by clicking here.

BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001 2015 KEYB

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