Supporting our Students

As the world was starting to slowly shut down due to Covid-19, many of Vertual’s customers reached out to ask if there was any way we could expand access of the VERT system to their radiation therapy students at home to allow them to continue their education. Although Vertual are mid development of a cloud-based remote access solution for students, it was far from ready to release, so the Product Specialist team put their thinking caps on as to how they could support students in other ways.

This led to the creation of a series of Webinar Sessions that all the students of Vertual’s customers have access to. It has been running for over 7 weeks, with 15 sessions delivered to date and will continue to do so during the lockdown period. Vertual’s customers from across the world have come together in presenting sessions alongside Vertual’s own Product Specialists, this has enabled not only students to continue their learning, but gain an appreciation how radiotherapy techniques and protocols can vary, not only from department to department but across the world.  Customers in silver and gold software support contracts have access to the recorded sessions so their students can access the webinars time and time again throughout their studies.

Some of the feedback: 

Thank you so much this is appreciated more than you will ever know and my students have enjoyed them and responded well to the information they have received from them.  Thank you to everyone for sharing your skill sets and information.” Forsyth Technical Community College, USA.

“One of the year 4 students was raving about the pelvis IGRT WebEx session! He stayed up late to watch” Newcastle University, Australia.

“The VERT sessions have been highlighted as an additional source of information if they wanted to access it to support their clinical knowledge. Those who have accessed it have found it very useful. They are producing reflections as part of their portfolio submission and these will be useful to deepen their understanding.”  University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

 “The sessions were much more popular that we ever imagined, at times we have had over 160 people log in at any one time. We are delighted at all the positive feedback we are getting and it is really rewarding to know we are helping so many people across the world.” Lindsay Smith, Product Specialist at Vertual Ltd.

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