With UWE (University west of England) becoming an official reference site for Vertual, significant scope has arisen to provide heightened simulation based educational experience to learners, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where placement capacity has been more restrictive. This partnership provides both Vertual and UWE an opportunity to be the first at trialling innovative technological developments; a reference site to aid Vertual in new product development and new ventures, that enable learners across the HEI programme spectrum to apply critical thinking towards user feedback that in turn aims to achieve a sense of fulfilment and meaningful enhancement of the product. This partnership also presents a chance to forge closer simulation links with our clinical partners whom aspire to utilise VERT for post registration staff training and implementation of 4D related techniques that benefit aspects such as hypo-fractionated methods of treatment delivery.

Robin Jhagra – Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy & Oncology

We are extremely proud to announce the University of the West of England (UWE) as a reference site. Robin and the team are avid users of the VERT software and have made massive strides in incorporating its use into their curriculum for the students. Together, we can help define how VERT can be further integrated into classrooms and clinics across the world. Like a good partnership, it is a two-way street and we look forward to collaborating with the UWE team to continue to strive and learn together; to keep pushing the boundaries and helping educate the next generation of radiation therapists on the frontline in the fight against cancer on a global scale.

Christopher Quinn – Radiotherapy Product Specialist

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