In April, we attended the 38th successful ESTRO conference in Milan, Italy. We have been attending this event for 11 years, with our first show in 2008.

On the booth we had a fully functioning VERT system, including the use of the hand pendants and the software running in 3D which has a ‘’wow’’ factor with everyone who visited the booth. Attendees of the conference had the opportunity to experience a live demonstration of VERT, test the product hands-on and have discussion with our product specialists (who are in the picture above on either side of Vertual’s CEO).  Throughout the conference, we were showcasing two of our newest software products Proton VERT and Physics 2.0.

In the evening we held a VERT user meeting followed by a  VERT distributor meeting. This allowed us to network, present the new features of the upcoming VERT 3.3 software ahead of release and demonstrate Physics 2.0. we were also able to gain important feedback. from VERT users ,  essential and  highly valued in order to continually improve the next generation of VERT software.

The event was attended by our CEO Debra Leeves, Andy Beavis and James Ward, founders of the company and the Product Specialist Team.

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