In June, Vertual attended the 58th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG) conference in Manchester, UK from the 13th – 15th April. 2019 was the first year that PTCOG was held in the UK. In previous years Vertual has exhibited in Cincinnati, Tokyo, and Prague.

On the booth, we demonstrated the Proton VERT component of the VERT system. The Varian Probeam model is offered currently including the use of the Probeam hand pendant. 

As part of the PTCOG booth experience, attendees were offered information regarding how Proton VERT enables users to:

Explore the differences between Photons and Protons and the vocabulary of Proton treatments.

Explain the Proton machine and equipment to patients and their families

Demonstrate Proton spot delivery and explain the importance of correct radiological depth

Understand couch movement and positioning with the patient and snout for Proton treatments.

Reduce the need for access to the clinical treatment rooms, using the virtual treatment rooms for and training courses and for visitors.

Members of the software development team attended this event as part of Vertual’s commitment to continuing professional development. Steven and Sam found out more about Proton treatments and collected information to identify potential developments for the Proton VERT software.

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