Vertual is delighted to announce the release of the VERT 4 software which is now available to all VERT customers with a valid software support contract.  

VERT 4 represents a new approach for Vertual; customers have asked for more frequent software releases to help them train today’s radiotherapy professionals. Vertual is focussed on meeting customer needs, and we have listened to their requests and plan to introduce annual releases of the VERT software starting with VERT 4

We believe our customers will be thrilled with the new features and enhancements provided.

Imaging is a large component of radiotherapy treatment and techniques, and VERT 4 has advanced imaging capabilities, including PET and image matching enhancements. Dose-volume histograms are a new addition, a feature requested by many of our customers to explain treatment planning decisions and the value of different techniques. Dose menu changes and numerous usability improvements form part of the many improvements included within the VERT 4 software. Our development team has also created new patient models with a variety of orientations. Further information is available in the release notes.

Our customer support team are busy contacting customers to explain how to access the software.

Our customers in support have been invited to a live showcase event on the 10th of November. The event will be recorded.

Read the full press release here

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