At Vertual, all staff are encouraged to continue their professional development and there is a good support network from management to facilitate this. Vertual’s CEO, Debra Leeves, has a passion for developing the careers of women in technology. As potential future leaders she invited 3 female colleagues to join her for a 2-day conference in London as part of their self-development and training.

All four of us (seen in the picture above) attended numerous lectures and workshops with topics varying from personal branding, to the future of technology, the evolution of work and taking charge of your future. The conference kicked off with a keynote presentation from Karen Brady, which set a high standard for the rest of the conference. Despite all four of us being at differing points in our career, the conference inspired us all in different ways and was a very interesting two days. It was a great opportunity for professional and personal development, networking with others in the technology industry and we all have new ideas and inspirations to reflect upon.

A small number of the participants are shown shining a light for women in technology.

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